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Abwaan Cayn, Eastleigh’s maestro on a global musical odyssey

In the lively streets of Eastleigh, a 28-year-old musical virtuoso named Mohamed Hussein, widely known as Abwaan Cayn, orchestrates a harmonious symphony that transcends borders. A maestro in the truest sense, he is not only a prolific songwriter but also a talent manager, guiding the careers of seven artists and overseeing a troupe of 66 dancers.

Ab 2Abwaan Cayn with members of Islii band.

Abwaan Cayn, a father of one, found his rhythm in the Eastleigh neighbourhood. His musical journey, adorned with over 70 songs, reached a crescendo with the release of “Dhaanto Cajiib, ah Maan Daweeya,” loosely translated as ‘It’s amazing, I can’t cure it.’ This anthem catapulted him into the limelight, earning him accolades far beyond Kamukunji Constituency where he calls home.

As a dedicated manager, Abwaan Cayn navigates the intricate world of music production, overseeing both artists and dancers. However, he faces the daunting challenges of music piracy and the high costs associated with producing quality music and videos. Undeterred, he continues to compose, his melodies echoing the resilience of a true artist.

Ab 3Abwaan Cayn and some of the artists and dancers he manages.

Speaking about his ambitions, Abwaan Cayn reveals his intention to expand his musical horizons. Beyond his Somali roots, he envisions serenading audiences in Swahili and English, adding new dimensions to his already diverse repertoire.

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“My fans are not confined to Eastleigh alone; they span the globe. From Kenya to Somalia, Ethiopia, Europe, America, Qatar, Dubai, Australia, Saudi Arabia and beyond, my music resonates with people from different walks of life,” shares Abwaan Cayn, emphasising the universal language that music speaks.

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