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Adamant, Rude Baitul Hikma Schools says no one even President Ruto will dare stop there illegal constructions

Rude, adamant managers of Baitul Hikma International Integrated Group of Schools running a school in the Parklands Area of Nairobi have now openly vowed that no-one even President William Ruto  can stop them from their on-going activities along Taza Lane, off City Park Drive.

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Sources reveals that the  schools are owned  by  Garissa Nominated MP Hon. Umulkher Mohamed.

The MP opened the said  school in 2022 in a single residential house, and have since been undertaking massive expansion by adding many highrise floors and other facilities.

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Baitul school owner brutal unethical respond

The single residential house is owned by CS Rebecca Miano and Justin Miano who bought it from Harambee SACCO.

The school managers say that they have ‘very good support’ from their friends and associates who are currently occupying high offices in both national and county goverments.

“We also have support from NEMA and the County Assembly. Let no-one even dream that we can be stopped from giving education to our children. It is a crucial service”, says Mr. Harun.

The school has recently constructed a swimming pool on the riparian part of Mathare River and has diverted its direction. There is also no public sewer line serving the school, and toilet effluents are discharged to this river.

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“Its well known   there are some jealous neighbours and other people, including some claiming to be from the County government. They should know that even court orders can not work for us. Our supporters in many places, including court, have ensured that such orders can’t stop us”, he continues.

Efforts to get comments from the County Goverment, NEMA, NCA and WARMA had not borne fruit at the time of writing this story.

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It has however been confirmed that indeed, several illegal development activities in the Parklands area have been stopped by Courts, but construction work, and even occupation of highrise apartments where no Occupational Licenses were issued, are now very common.


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