Home lifestyle Exploring the Life and Career of James Kinyua Wairatu

Exploring the Life and Career of James Kinyua Wairatu

James Kinyua Wairatu is a household name, not only in the media industry but also in the real estate sector in Kenya.

Kinyua assured Kenyans and investors at large that the association is the key to the sector’s sanity. “Everyone of us has heard the bad stories about real estate. However, I am here to tell Kenyans that we have the solution. We have a clean association that will help us bring sanity,” said Kinyua. Kinyua revealed that the association is registering all sector players and will, in August 2023, launch its website and a USSD code.

Kinyua’s life goals journey dates back to his humble beginning in the Dandora slums, Nairobi

Shoe-making business in Nairobi

The realtor explained that his struggle started as a little boy born and raised in Nyeri county, where his access to education pit against abject poverty.

“Some of us came from the poorest of families in the neighbourhood. I would be lying to you if I tell you that life was a bed of roses. I struggled a lot during my childhood. Life was so hard that we could not imagine that one day we would be where we are today,” narrated Kinyua

The journalist-turned-entrepreneur said he had to join his mother in the shanties of Dandora in Nairobi’s Eastlands area.

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Kinyua and his siblings attended school, but good samaritans always paid their fees

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As they travelled through hills, valleys, and mountains of life, Kinyua had one goal in life, success.

He started mending shoes after completing his studies to help his mother with the rising cost of living.

The shoe-cobbling hustle did not help much, but Kinyua had to be patient as he pursued opportunities in the media industry.

Radio presenter job in Kenya

A few years later, Kinyua landed a job at a vernacular radio station as a presenter. His witty way of running radio shows earned him the name Kinyua Wairatu Wa born (meaning a cobbler in Gikuyu).

Spurred on by his adventurous nature, Kinyua came up with the idea of producing a magazine dubbed Shabik Magazine.

The magazine focused on stories of Kenyans who liked to comment on radio shows, giving upcoming writers an opportunity to sharpen their talent.

What amused Kinyua’s fans is the fact that he never stopped being a shoemaker despite being famous as a presenter.

How Kinyua joined real estate sector in Kenya

The radio job would turn into a major stepping stone for greater things to come because of the networking opportunities that came with it.

A land-selling company admired his ways of doing things and approached him with an offer as a marketer targeting the coastal region

“I took up the challenge, and we were actually the first people to venture into selling land in Malindi. The business was good at this time,” he said.

Kinyua says while working as a land broker, he started buying his own land, and his dreams were getting bigger, as he netted in clients for the company.

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He would later decide to start his own real estate firm – Maono Lands Limited which is currently among the top real estate firms in the country.

“I like being very innovative. Sometimes it can take me time to come up with something,” he stated.

The company boasts properties in Malindi, Joska, Nyahururu, Laikipia, and Nakuru, among other prime places in Kenya.

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It has over 50 employees and targets to employ 200 more within the next four years as part of its expansion plans.

Start saving as you get your first job

His message to the upcoming investors is clear – take an early lead when it comes to investment.

“The one thing that young people should learn is that you should always invest before people start settling in an area,” he advised.

In related news, eastleighvoice.com reported about real estate guru Jane Baiyu who urged young women to save or invest for their future families.

The CEO of Amara Realty Company Limited advised young working women to start with as little as 10% of their salary.

She said she adopted a saving culture when she got her first job and became more intentional from the age of 30.


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