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Kenyan Government issues ultimatum to miraa transporters

The Kenyan government has issued an ultimatum to miraa transporters, requiring them to obtain a license before the end of this month.

According to the new regulations, those who fail to comply will face severe penalties, including a Sh5 million fine or a three-year prison sentence.

However, it remains clear that the December 31, 2023 deadline stands for miraa transporters to complete their registration process and attain licenses from the Agricultural and Food Authority.

The Kenyan Government emphasised the significance of this ultimatum and urged all miraa transporters to expedite the registration process to avoid the severe penalties associated with non-compliance.

This critical measure is aimed at enhancing transparency and professionalism in the miraa industry.

“A person intending to be a miraa commercial transporter shall apply for registration to the Authority in Form Mr11 as set out in the First Schedule,” reads the regulations in part.

“The Authority shall issue a certificate of registration to a successful Miraa Commercial Transporter in Form Mr12 as set out in the First Schedule.”

The government’s decision has evoked mixed reactions among the miraa traders and the general public with some finding amusement in the ultimatum, while others acknowledge the potential economic implications it carries.

@Emesshines_001 on X wrote, “Tax man! We are tired why are you doing this to the people who voted you in? We shall revisit it in 2027.Tax man! We are tired why are you doing this to the people who voted you in? We shall revisit it in 2027.”

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“And how will you stop miraa pickup to check the license?? Am waiting to see,” @mateo702521171 wrote on X.

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“The government has once again imposed another burdensome deadline on Miraa transporters. The challenges they might face are not taken into account in this hasty ultimatum. To ensure a fair and feasible transition, a more collaborative approach is necessary,” @IronsideForge wrote on X.

@FallyMaxx on X wrote, “Good. Hiyo sector wanachapa biashara kubwa kubwa bila kulipa ushuru. Why tax a struggling mama mboga & leave out a millionaire miraa trader/ exporter?……kama ni kulipa ushuru sote tulipe.”

@TaxesOnGo_CPAs wrote on X, “Miraa Tax. The best things in life are free, but sooner or later the government will find a way to tax them.”

“This government likes issuing threats and ultimatums, why can’t it be implemented in phases rather than instantly,” @reformeddreamer wrote on X.

@RealNjauPaul wrote on X, “This is very good. Next should be Boda Boda and Mama Mboga. They must show licences and pay taxes.”

@GAgenuine wrote on X, “How has the agricultural authority promoted the crop or even transportation or welfare?”


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